3D Animation

3d Animation Before 3d Animation After



We handle shows with challenging requirements in the area of Rigging, 3D Animation, Lighting, Simulation and Compositing.

In Animation, 3D character need to react / move based on the actors dialogue and movement as per specified requirements - Creative call

Lighting wise various locations lighting moods needs to be followed and incorporated during the look development process and while lighting the character. Lighting team recreate the ambience, colors and shadow details of the trees , leaves etc to get reflected on to the character matching the location lighting.

Compositing team was very clear in incorporating the 3D characters in a very realistic style on to shots. Addition to Render passes from lighting department, FX Elements like dust and Leaf Simulation was also added for interaction purpose.

3D Animation Projects

A brief overview of some of 3D Animation Projects done by VFX Pick

3d Animation Before 3d Animation After

Other Services Include Paint/Clean Up, Compositing, FX, Matchmove, Rotoscope