Paint / Clean-Up

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Clean up/Paint requires usage of techniques and skills such as Character Removal, reflection removal, Fur recreation, BG recreation, rig removal and wire removal.

Some live creatures are animated live as per shot requirements.

Green live characters help animate the live creature during live shoot but need to be removed in the final film. BG recreation is done by removing all characters using a technique called Clean Plate and 3D camera track is used throughout all frames. This is done using Nuke software. The main creature is placed back without green live characters with roto support using Silhouette software.

Green character reflection removal from the ground is done using the same 2D track and clean plate techniques. Fur recreation is done on the edges of the creature using animated roto shapes with matching fur colours.

Rig and wire removal is done frame by frame using the silhouette software.

Paint / Clean-Up Projects

Services under Paint/Clean-Up include Wire/Rig Removal, Face/Body retouches, Reflection removal, Digital makeup, Beauty work/clean-up, Recreation Of Missing Objects, Dust / Scratch Removal, Stereo Paint.

A brief overview of some of Paint / Clean-Up Projects done by VFX Pick

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Other Services Include 3D Animation, Matchmove, Compositing, Effects, Rotoscope.