The Top Trends in Animation for 2024


Animation is a dynamic and ever-changing field. To keep up with industry expectations, the latest technical advances and new variations of it are often featured in the media. VFX Pick is the best animation studio, and they have listed the top animation trends for 2024.

  • Real-Time Animation

Real-time Animation allows creators to render scenes immediately. The best animation studios in Oklahoma endorse this trend, as it’s engineered using game engines such as Unreal Engine and Unity that offer high-quality graphics with real-time feedback. This trend is a way to meet the complex requirements and speed of development by creating new interactive and immersive experiences.

  • AI-Assisted Animation

AI will be everywhere in 2024. The best Oklahoma animation studios use artificial intelligence (AI). AI provides creators with tools and ideas that are cost-effective and bring dynamic creativity and efficiency. AI has a positive impact on all animation. From character rigging to motion capture and generating between frames, AI is able to make a difference. VFX Pick is the best animation studio in Oklahoma, and they are adamant about AI in Animation. AI is emphasized because it is the bridge that allows animators to focus on the creative aspect of the frame while automating the routine. The best Oklahoma studios use AI-driven software such as Adobe’s Character Animator or Nvidia AI Playground to create Gen Z animation.

  • Stylized Animation

In 2024, we will see a shift in the ambience to stylized animation. When the chance to mix different artistic styles is presented, the top animators at the best Oklahoma animation studios are happy. It allows animators to create a unique visual aesthetic. The trend was first noticed in the industry’s creative logs when projects began to mix 2D and 3-D elements or use unconventional color palettes and textures. This trend was sparked by films like “Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse”, which showed that audiences appreciated innovative and visually distinct storytelling.

  • Virtual Production

Virtual production is another trend adopted by all the top studios in Oklahoma. This technique combines live-action video with computer-generated images (CGI) and does so in real time. Filmmakers are increasingly using this trend. This allows them to identify complex scenes on screen and bring in frames for a seamless merging of real and AI. This trend enables animators to make edits instantly. Oklahoma’s best animation studios are investing their time and expertise in motion capture and LED wall technology since the latter is driving this trend. This trend is popular because of its time-saving aspect and feasibility.

  • Hybrid Animation Techniques

VFX Pick, the best Oklahoma animation studio, offers hybrid animation. The best Oklahoma animation studios are embracing this approach, which combines many animation technologies. This trend results in richer, more complex visuals that are ideal for films involving intense technical stories. Some variations of these trends combine classic 2D hand-drawn or stop-motion elements with 3D animation. The result is a distinct and engaging aesthetic. This trend reflects an increased creative inquiry within the industry, pushing the boundaries of traditional Animation

  • Motion Capture Technology Advancements

Motion capture (mocap) is the most well-known and popular amongst the audience in Oklahoma and the best animation studios. This trend is evolving rapidly, giving animators more accurate and realistic data on character movement. The technological advancements required by this development require the most advanced frame capture devices, such as markerless mocap and wearable sensors. VFX Pick, with its diverse talent pool and best animation studio in Oklahoma, is at the forefront of this 2024 animation trend. This trend allows for seamless expressions and complex movements to be captured. This improves the quality and relatability of animated characters.

  • Collaborative Animation Projects

All the top animation studios are embracing collaboration as an important aspect of AnimationVFX Pick, the best Oklahoma animation studio, is leading the way in this collaboration. Creators are collaborating from around the globe. The development of project management and communication software has made it possible for teams to communicate over time zones and geographic barriers. Collaborations often generate unique perspectives and ideas that benefit the entire animation industry.

The Conclusion

In 2024, the animation industry will be defined by a combination of technological advancements, artistic innovation and a commitment to sustainability and inclusion. Real-time Animations, AI and virtual production are changing how animations are produced and enjoyed. Meanwhile, trends such as stylistic Animations and diverse storytelling are pushing Animation to its limits. The best animation studios will continue to evolve as the industry changes.

In Oklahoma, audiences around the world can expect to see even more fascinating and original content.