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We specialize in VFX Breakdowns & Budgeting, Concept Development & Pre-Visualization, On Set Supervision, Digital Compositing, Simulation & Animation, Matte Painting & Environment and etc.


VFXPICK is a post-production visual effects company that aims to provide exclusive visual effects services using state-of-art tools that caters to any media industry, be it movies, commercials, games - You name it, we've got it.

We specialize in VFX Breakdowns and Budgeting, On Set Supervision, Concept Development & Pre-Visualization, Digital Compositing, Simulation & Animation, Matte Painting & Environment, and other related services.

Prakash Kumararajan: VFX Supervisor

Established VFX Supervisor with 16 years of experience Prakash Kumararajan, our VFX Supervisor, oversees our CG and Compositing departments. Prakash has earned the privilege of being a member of the Visual Effects Society (VES) since November 2017. He started his career as a humble artist and has over 16 years of experience in VFX Pipeline for TV and Motion Picture. He was part of the team that was awarded for Best Visual Effects at Wallachian International Film Festival 2020 and has movies such as John Carter , Total Recall 2012, The Legend of Hercules, Line of Descent, The Outsider, and many more under his credits. With over 39 movies listed to his credit, Prakash has no doubt proved himself with his niche skillsets. He has also worked as FX Technical Director at DNEG, London. With remarkable skills in On-Set VFX supervision, Visual Art Direction, Executing VFX Shots with a blend of Technical and Artistic approach added with international experience, he is an invaluable asset to the VFXPICK clan.

Praveen Kumar: Head of Production

Praveen heads our production team and oversees projects across all departments. He has 13 years of experience in the VFX industry focussing on feature films and commercials. He has obtained the privileged membership at Visual Effects Society ( VES ) since November 2022. He has been part of the team that has produced outstanding feature films and commercials. With more than 70 feature films and 1000 commercials in his career and experience of working with clients across 10+ global locations, Praveen has undoubtedly carved a niche for himself in the industry. Some of his noted projects include Bullish, Carfax, Xfinity, UNIDAD2, SEE3, KINGS of Napa, Pepsi, Canada Dry, Disney, S21 League, Draft Kings, Avengers, Mercedes Benz, Bosch TVC, Volkswagen, BMW. With all these acclaims and accomplishments, Praveen is a vital part of the VFXPICK clan.

Saranya: Admin and Finance Manager

Meet Saranya, our Admin and Finance Manager with a wealth of experience in corporate strategy. She oversees our Fund Flow and financial maintenance with customized plans in bookkeeping, payroll management, and financial forecasting to meet our goals. Her expertise in Fund Flow Management and Financial Analysis streamlines our processes and identifies opportunities for optimization.Saranya's commitment to excellence sets high standards for her team, making her a valuable asset to our organization. We're confident in her leadership to achieve our financial goals and look forward to her continued contributions to our success.


VFXPICK is a company focussed on being adventorous, adventure, agile, challenging, collaboartive, creative and energetic. This company culture prioritizes work-life balance and prioritizes making employees from all walks of life feel welcome.

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