From The Founder's Desk

As an individual who started from the artist level in the industry to running my own company, it has been a great experience this far and I hope to continue this in the long run. I am privileged to be a member of the Visual Effects Society (VES) and had the honour of being of the judging panel for 19th and 20th VES Awards. I am blessed to experience such exponential growth in the past 15 years exclusively in the VFX industry.

Visual effects technology is the future of the media industry and has the potential to influence the world through films, shows and games. Considering the fact that even education is becoming gamified these days, VFX will have its influence on all areas of an individual’s life. Seeing this potential, I created VFX PICK, my professional baby that is growing strikingly with the support from various stalwarts in the VFX industry across the globe.

VFX PICK is currently focussed on expanding its services in the areas of CG and unreal department to support our next goal of working on independent films. We are also expanding our locations globally with the US and UK in the pipeline. We are increasing our creative talents, infrastructure every year and have proven growth at a rapid pace which is an ongoing process. We are not just adding numbers to our workforce but also ensuring that our talents are well taken care of in terms of holistic growth so that they will give us the best output at work.

Our ultimate goal is to provide end to end VFX services globally which we hope to achieve in the near future. We strive for our collaborating companies to access quick and efficient services VFX post production services.

Pinto Sasikumar

Founder & Managing Director

Our International Presence