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Compositing is an advanced technique to create a still or moving by combining visual elements from separate sources. This creates an illusion to the viewers that all the elements are parts of the same scene. Its also called as "chroma key", "blue screen", "green screen" and other names.

The sample visual effects shot above demanded VFX Scope in the area of integrating CG Tree, Matte Painting the House to give it a more Afghan Look.

The required Rotoscopy Mattes were provided by our Prep Team. CG Department Created Simulated CG Tree and Rendered out with needed Render Passes for our compositing Team to integrate onto the Input footage. Our Compositing Team used the above elements along with the required dust elements to integrate all layers seamlessly together to give it the right look as described by the director.

Compositing Projects

Various compositing services include Day/Night colour, Muscle flash, Adding text, Split screen Composite, Crowd Replication, Monitor / Mobile Screen Composite, Matte Painting (DMP), BG replacement (blue & green screen), Set Extension and Stereo Alignment.

A brief overview of some of Compositing Projects done by VFX Pick

Slider Before Slider After
Slider Before Slider After

Other Services Include 3D Animation, Paint / Clean-Up, Effects, Matchmove, Rotoscope