Rotoscope VFX

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VFX Roto is done for replacement of background or crowd multiplication or addition of colour any other addition as per director’s requirements for every shot.

In the above shot, Running Characters are traced using manual motion blur frame by frame to match leg movements in every frame. Movement motion blur was also used. Track is done on static characters to match the camera movement. Keying is done for blue/ green screen extraction. In some cases, we use splines and in some shots a combination of keying and splines is used.

Defocus blur was animated using Nuke software. All final renders are fine-tuned using Nuke software. Hard edges are rendered by removing motion blur, defocus blur. Separate layer outputs include RGB, alpha.

High quality outputs are delivered to clients based on the same resolution that the shot was given in.

Rotoscope Projects

Various Rotoscope services include High-Resolution 6k Footage, Stereo Conversion, L/R ( Stereo Dual Plate Roto ), Keying ( Green / Blue Screen Extraction )

A brief overview of some of Rotoscope Projects done by VFX Pick

Slider Before Slider After
Slider Before Slider After

Other Services Include 3D Animation, Compositing, Effects, Matchmove, Paint/Clean-Up